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The obsession returns…

In 2012, the first part of my SL year was spent re-working my take on Frank Lloyd Wright’s famous “Fallingwater“, which eventually wound-up in a quarter-sim in-world for a few weeks.

That build is now boxed for a rainy day, but as I indicated later in the year, I’ve reproduced Fallingwater in Kitely, where it has a full region of its own, allowing me to develop a landscape more in keeping with that of the original. Since then, I’ve been tinkering around with it, adding a region windlight and generally tightening things up. There are still some parts I want to rework, once I have better source material by way of photos (most notably Bear River and the falls), but for now the house is just about done.

With the Second Life build, I produced a modest video; however the result wasn’t overly brilliant – largely because I didn’t really appreciate what I was doing in terms of the technical side of producing the video. Recently, I’ve had some good advice and help from Fuzonacid via YouTube, prompting me to have a further go, this time focusing on the Kitely build.

As it is the start of a new year, I could hardly let it pass without reference to my obsession :), so I hope you enjoy the video (and the Flickr slideshow has also been updated!).

Of mayflies and waterfalls

Today, and on a whim, I decided to drop back into Kitely and my home there – Fallingwater. It’s been a while since I’ve been back, as I’ve been busy in SL and elsewhere, and I didn’t really want to revisit until I’d got a couple of scripting issues sorted (still haven’t) and I’d decided on a suitable windlight preset (I have).

The Guest House

The windlight preset I’ve gone for – at least until I can get scripting issues sorted – is Bryn Oh’s “Mayfly”. I’ve opted for it partly because I love the sunset it provides, but mainly because I believe the dusk half-light it provides works well with the lighting I’ve installed in the house, which isn’t really suited to full daylight (again, something I hope to change in the future). As I want to be able to show-off the house, simply setting the region environment to night doesn’t work either, as people will likely flick over to daytime in their viewer. So my hope is that Mayfly will provide the best for everyone. I do tend to tink it does bring the place to life….but then I would, wouldn’t I? :)


I also finally got around to putting in the footpath and steps from the drive to the river bank facing the house. This isn’t 100% to my satisfaction, and I’m liable to be returning to it and fiddling with things on-and-off, but it’s a start, and in slipping it in, I’ve gained a fair idea as to what I actually want to do when I have sufficient time to spare.

The Great Room and kitchen beyond

There are a few more things I want to do interior-wise as well. A couple of the rooms in the main house are a tad spartan, and the terraces could probably do with a little furnishing. Certainly, a few more pictures around the place would give more of a feeling of homeliness.

Foggy morning

I don’t know what the state-of-play is vehicle-wise in Kitely. I’m not actually after one for driving, but I can’t help feeling having a big old American 1930s Packard parked out under the rear car port would also add to the place as well.

Ilan has been asking my what I’d do if I had one of the new Kitely advanced megaregions. I think that if I did, it would likely become the home to not one, but four of my interpretations of FLW’s houses – I’ve always wanted to try my hand at the Robie House, and I have a couple of other candidates in mind as well. Although I think that were I ever to tackle anything so ambitious, they’d have to be 100% accurate reproductions, just for the heck of it :).


Ah, well. Such is the stuff of dreams. In the meantime, if you’d like to visit the place yourself, please do. I did notice a couple more issues I need to fix in the place. You can reach it via my Kitely world page

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The obsession continues…

I’ve blogged extensively about my love of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater, and my attempt to develop a personal interpretation in Second Life. At the time, I was rather pleased with the result, even though elements of the build had to be altered in order for it to fit into a 1/4 sim space – the house really requires an entire region, and that’s not something I’m prepared to invest in within SL; the tier is simply too high.

However, I recently joined Kitely, and as a part of that process gained an entire region for myself, and 100,000 prims to play with – and the perfect opportunity to reproduce Fallingwater in a location more in keeping with the original.

Fallingwater in Kitely, April 15, 2012: “By day…” (click to enlarge)

The work is still ongoing, but I’m already well pleased with what I’ve achieved so far. The recent updates to Kitely have been a joy; not only have I been able to rapidly zap between worlds to grab fixtures and fittings I didn’t want to get caught-up with making, the fixes to the scripting end of Kitely mean I can now employ my usual scripted lighting. This may add a little to the processing overhead, but I hope it gives a much greater depth to the build – as I hope the night shots I’ve taken demonstrate.

Fallingwater in Kitely, April 15, 2012: “…and by night” (click to enlarge)

The Great Room by night, April 15, 2012 (click to enlarge)

As it looked in Second Life, squeezed into a quarter-sim

I’ve put together a Flickr slideshow as well,which I hope captures the spirit of the place:

(Click here to see the slideshow full screen)

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ETA: should have said: all daytime images taken using Firestorm, with deferred rendering enabled and lighting & shadows on, Windlight set to Dynamic Richness. Night images taken with Sun set to Midnight, deferred enabled and lighting & shadows enabled. 

Scripted lighting effects produce best results with deferred rendering active.  

Return to Fallingwater 4: the video

Note: The build has now been taken down from Eagle Acres. A “replacement” build is now available on a region of its own in Kitely

Well, I had to go and do it. Temptation got the better of me. After putting in all the effort on the build…and no-doubt causing many rolled eyes with my obsession, I managed to secure 1/4 of a homestead region for a week at a reasonable cost – just so I could try to fit the build together sort-of in-situ.

The result isn’t perfect – even with some adjustments to the build, a 1/4 sim in terms of land size is actually too small for all of it (it really does need an entire homestead size-wise. Primarily, I had to lose a parking bay in the garage (from 4 to 3) and reduce the size of the arc of the footpath linking guest wing to main house (which actually improves the build, I think).  I’ve also compromised a little on the positioning: as there are others on the sim, I didn’t want them to feel disturbed as part of the build suddenly appeared over the tops of the hills dividing the parcels and thinking they had some kind of pixel voyeur on their doorstep. I also had to do with phantom sculpts to represent the “far bank” of the Bear Run, and Linden Water is representing the stretch of river directly below the first set of falls. Sadly, compromises left me with no room for the rest…

Other than that, however, the house fitted fine… :), so I thought I’d share a little video and a couple of images:

(You might want to view it on the YouTube page given the way WordPress squishes things in this page layout.)

As the house is up until March 2nd, it can be seen at Eagle Acres Ranch (SLurl), if anyone is interested.

Fallingwater in-situ (sort-of). Perhaps a full Homestead. One day…

From the access bridge by night

(As an aside, I was asked the other day when I use stills rather than “pure” machinima. The answers are simple: I’ve not mastered camera manipulation to achieve the effects I want (no space navigator or anything like it), and when I’ve tried to run SL and capture video, I end up with something that is jumpier than a cat stoned on catnip…)

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