Who I Am

Inara-himitu-04As Inara Pey, I’ve been blogging about my SL times since the end of 2007. My writings initially focused on D/s and D/s relationships as presented through Second Life, but over recent years, this has broadened out into a broader collection of writings on virtual worlds which is focused upon, but not limited to, Second Life.

Within these pages you’ll find a mix of news, reviews, commentary and opinion – all presented from my own perspective. As such you’ll find them laced with elements that are very much part and parcel of whom I am: passion, frustration, annoyance, a sense of fun and frivolity – and very occasionally, something that might be considered thoughtful and decently presented. All I ask is that you be aware that the comments, thoughts, ideas and even frustrations expressed here are my own and should not be taken as an endorsement of any particular platform or product.

I’m quite approachable, and enjoy looking at the dynamics surrounding Second Life almost as much as I like spending time in-world doing things and having fun. I’m not that into games and stuff, but I do take time – when available – to dip my toes into other worlds as well, so you may find ramblings on other places here as well as SL.

I’m somewhat into SL landscape photography and post a lot of stuff to my Flickr photostream as well, and my snaps routinely appear in my Exploring Second Life reviews. I’ve recently started playing with post-processing SL snaps and am trying to develop a look and feel to my pictures. I also like dabbling in monochrome as well.

A'stra Main Stage from SL10BCC

A’stra Main Stage from SL10BCC

I’ve also had a modest go with video-making, the results of which are on this page, and now I have a very much higher-spec computer, I’m hoping this will improve over time and I’ll actually get into “real” machinima.

My real life is not a totally closed book – but neither is it open for all to read; some of it will get mentioned here and there, and I hope this doesn’t detract from things.

I hope you enjoy reading this and my other blogs, and that you’ll leave any comments that come to mind!

Finding Your Way Around This Blog

Six years of blogging means that there is a lot of information to be found here. I’m always working on categorising stuff and trying to make sure things are suitable indexed and tagged. For main blog articles, there is a search function (top of the right column of every page), which is useful, but also subject to a vagaries of the WordPress search engine.

Under the calendar (in which you can click on the underlined dates to see a list of all articles published that day) there are two drop-down lists. One will list all posts in this blog in a specific category (News, SL projects, Opinion, etc.), the other will list all blog posts for a given month.

At the top of every page is a menu which provides access to special pages in this blog – such as this one. Some of these menu items have sub-menus, which appear when you hover over them, some don’t, as they are a standalone page – just click on the menu name to display the page.